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Friday, February 9, 2007

Frogs rule

[From the HTBAF MySpace site.]

Finally got my picture up on the site today – in case you're interested I happen to be a red-eyed tree frog, and we ARE tree huggers, but only because if we don't hug them we fall off. Don't get me wrong, I like trees, but right now I'm worried about my own green butt. My cousin, the Monteverde harlequin frog, was the first species to go extinct because of global warming, a fact that was reported on the cover of Newsweek everywhere but ..North America. That's really what got me interested in regime change, and personally I'd like to see some on BOTH sides of the 49th parallel. My favorite political story of the week was the US Secretary of Energy, Sam Bodman...

Samuel W. Bodman speaks after his announcement by President George W. Bush as nominee for Secretary of Energy on Friday December 10, 2004 in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.White House photo by Paul Morse

...saying that the US contribution to greenhouse gases worldwide is "small" – that's a quote – which is a true statement if you define "small" as THE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTION OF ANY COUNTRY – A QUARTER OF THE WORLD-WIDE TOTAL. Accordingly, I would like to define up as down, black as white, and frogs as "supreme rulers of the galaxy". Tribute will be paid in flies. I'll be up a tree if you need me.