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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When disaster is good for business...

Something called the CNA Corporation just published a report on the way global warming affects US military planning -- they refer to it as a "threat multiplier" with hugely serious consequences. Check it out here. But what's making my little green nose twitch isn't the fact that US military is considering global warming a serious threat that has to be addressed immediately, while the Commander-in-Chief continues to do nothing about global warming that would result in any of his friends being less rich. What's bothering me is this fellow:

Frank "Skip" Bowman - a retired Admiral -- is on the board of advisors for this sort-of-update of the 2003 Pentagon report on the threat posed by climate change (which the Bush Administration also ignored). But Frank is also the new head of NEI, the nuclear industry's front group. Perhaps a fearsome assessment of the threat posed by global warming is good for business on the nuke side, now that they're selling those same old nuclear plants as "clean energy"?

But more nukes to replace dirty coal-fired plants means more fuel rods sitting in pits, and more plutonium from re-processing, all vulnerable to terrorists eager to make dirty bombs. Is that threat assessed here too? My twitchy nose guesses the answer is no.